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Super Natural Forces May Have Caused Unidentified Man To Become Sober In Record Time.

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

A new world record was set in Red River over the Thanksgiving weekend when an unidentified man who appears to be intoxicated based upon his erratic walking pattern, completely sobers up in approximately 2 seconds.

The transformation in the level of sobriety did not appear to be completely voluntary as supernatural forces may have been at play.

Surveillance video of the transformation shows the man walking toward a hole in the ice on a frozen pond. At first glance his approach to the hole appears to be innocent curiosity, but after further review it appears that there may have been unknown forces at work.

With some type of super power, the unknown force drew the man toward the hole and upon his arrival he peers in. At this point it is obvious that the this unknown force grasps firmly ahold of him and pulls him inward toward the underworld. The man appears to be powerless under the overwhelming power and succumbs to the downward pull into the freezing water.

As the video shows, once the man is submerged, he reemerges almost instantaneously, extracts himself from the hole and proceeds to run from the evil force in a perfectly straight line back to from where he came, with absolutely no signs of intoxication.

It is obvious that some sort of transformation took place within that 2 second ordeal that somehow removed all alcohol from his body prior to reemerging from the abyss. It can only be assumed that the combination of the victims overwhelming desire to defeat the evil force and possibly some divine intervention (we will never know) that thankfully he is alive and well.

At this time we do not know what demonic force may have caused this incident, however until authorities can identify and isolate the cause, the public is urged to resist intoxication while walking on or near frozen ponds.

- Rob Swan

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